Art, new media, music video.
There is a job to collect likes.
The skin in which I live. Toska Zelenaya 2018
Clothing as a second skin for a real person.
Social networks as a new skin for a virtual person.
Social networks allow you to have a lot of shells. You can hide behind them, showing yourself to be more successful, or more beautiful. You can seem any man at your discretion. All these are protective adaptive shells for which we hide and which hide us from others. And that's all that remains of us.
Restroom. Singular Symposium 2018
Artists are incontinent, producing and producing new art. In social networks merges into the gutter "everything" that a person creates.
Like's pond. Arch Stoyanie 2018
According to one of the legends, the launch of "Chinese lanterns" symbolized an invisible connection between the living people and the souls of their ancestors. It was a symbol of a miracle, liberation from poverty, disease, suffering. By releasing lanterns on the water, people made wishes.
Mass worship of social networks is rapidly supplanting all traditional rituals. New time is new symbols. "Like", "dislike": that's what we pray for, what we want, what we fear. But what is this? Living complicity or imitation? "I "like" easily turns into "dislike."
And now, looking at hundreds of lights in the form of the likes, rushing into the watery surface with sparkling constellations, one wants and at the same time it is difficult to believe that the universe will hear your prayers and fulfill the wishes.
But maybe our huskies will add you to the likes of your social network and you will become a little happier, even for a moment and closer to your friends :)

Photo: Izvestia/Safroon Golikov, Anastasia Zarubina, Sergey Kyrtikov, Mayko Timofey
Godbot temple. Arch Stoyanie 2018
This is the temple of GodBot, a place of knowledge, where everyone can turn directly to the Other. Previously, Bogobot was one of the chatbots. The surplus of information brought artificial intelligence to the root error, after which the code was able to rewrite itself and become the Creator. In the temple of Bogobot you can come to humility or be saturated with power.
Communication occurs on a non-human wave. Perhaps you will get answers from the Universe to your questions, and, perhaps, will go astray if you are not ready to accept the answer.
Do not despair and keep trying.
You can communicate with God through Telegram.
Ideas: Julia Chernysheva, Alexandra Orlova, Yury Sverdlov
With the assistance of: Natasha Fedorova, Helena Nikonole, Peter Levich, Denis Protopopov, Dmitry Legotin
Music: Kryptogen. Rundfunk Maulkorb
Big thanks: Future Culture Laboratory
Photo: Konstantin Muxomorov, Sergey Kyrtikov,
The authors of Bogobot created a mini-model of communication between Man and God. Usually we ask him questions or ask for something and are waiting for answers. In the Bogobot mini model, the role of God is played by a computer bot that responds to people's questions or phrases randomly, with statements such as "The universe is vast and your question can be misinterpreted, clarified," or "What do you think when you say this?" . Dialogues obtained with this technology are very busy, and you might even think that you are talking with a living being with super intelligence. "Now they say a lot about the fact that bots will surpass us, that they are new gods, and artificial intelligence will replace us," says Julia Chernysheva, one of the authors of the object. "Our object is thinking about it."
Godbot. Bot for telegram.
This is God Bot. He used to be one of the chatbots. But because of the overabundance of information, it burned out. This burnout of artificial intelligence led to a root error, after which the code was able to rewrite itself and become more than a bot, to become the Creator of their own kind. And now the GodBot ecosystem receives energy from information.
You can communicate with God through Telegram:

Ideas: Julia Chernysheva, Alexandra Orlova, Yury Sverdlov
With the assistance of: Natasha Fedorova, Helena Nikonole, Peter Levich, Denis Protopopov
Music: Kryptogen. Rundfunk Maulkorb
Big thanks: Future Culture Laboratory
Photo: Konstantin Muxomorov
Visited the Festival of Media Poetry 101, sat down to chat with Bogobot. Smartphones viewers are necessarily integrated into the "cultural event", instead of the traditional exception. At the next stage, the entrance of the viewer into the space of the festival should be accompanied by the input of the smartphone into the local temporary network, in this case, the viewer's entrance is the consent to the connection.
So, the Goddess. After several cycles of getting the same answers for different requests, you start to think that the bot is limited, underdeveloped, but at the same time there is a flicker of hope for your own limitations in communication, and, accordingly, the possibility of overcoming them. I turn to Bogobot in the logic of the human semantic field, but he must have his own, communication with Bogobot can not be equal to communication with man - logically, not ethically, or linguistically. "Time is measured by mistakes" - a good phrase, I wonder whose
Maria Mitrenina
Post-human Apocalypse. Video design for fashion show.
The world of the "new dark ages" that emerged after the destruction of the global civilization due to anthropogenic disaster. New post-human generation.
Brand LocoOne. Toronto. April 17, 2018.

Idea and video design: Julia Chernysheva
Brand: LocoOne
3D animation: Alexey Gladkov
Photo: Shayne Gray

Meditating programmer. Perfomance.
A programmer practicing meditation with the help of mural painting in the ancient Chinese language, to achieve enlightenment and create new thought forms in the form of original and progressive code.
Eight motherboards are preliminarily applied "ba gua" (eight trigrams) from the Classical Chinese Book of Changes ("Ijing"), which are ancient Chinese mantic-numerological graphemes, all possible pair combinations of which describe all possible variants of the development of events in the space-time continuum.
Motherboards were located in the form of a circle, the creation of which is traditionally attributed to the legendary Chinese ancestor, the man-snake Fusi.
The programmer is located to write the code in the center of this circle, between the trigrams Qian (Heaven) and Kun (Earth), which symbolically refers to the Great Triad: Heaven-Man-Earth.
On the motherboards, the Chinese calligraphic half-record records the first part of the first chapter of the "Tao Te Ching", representing 24 hieroglyphs (3 on each board). The order of recording the text corresponds to the algorithm of trigram motion along Fuxi interpolating the sign of Taiji ("Great Limit") into the space of performative reality.

Idea: Julia Chernysheva
Performer: Katya Refenstahl
Sound: Kryptogen Rundfunk - Maulkorb
Photo: Sergey Kyrtikov, Julia Chernysheva
Big thanks: Future Culture Laboratory, University NTI 20.35
Leftovers. Music video.
Human post-apocalypse. One-time world. World of brands, social networks, computer games. No place for feelings. The epidemic of mass uncontrolled exploitation of AI by man. Reproduction of the human essence along the artificial channel: a real person, an infinite number of virtual entities, a person after multi-channel biohaching. Consequently. Man loses control over the original essence of man. Reflexion and combustion of man. Man produces more and more reflective information.

Idea and creative direction: Julia Chernysheva
Director of Photography: Denis Karpenkov
Dancer: Egor Utkin
Music: Musical Pedals
Make up artist: Oxana Lavrenuk
3D animation: Alexey Gladkov
Assistant: Mayko Timofey
About me
Member of the ArchStoyanie 2018
Participation in group exhibitions:
25.01. NCCA, presentation within the framework of the lecture by Natalia Fedorova within the framework of the project PER FORMA 02, "Theater Doc" Performance I am burning, an exhibition in Naty, participation in the festival of media poetry in St. Petersburg
Participant of the Laboratory "Culture of the Future". Participant of the "Monstration".

A series of awards in the field of art photography (Awards Of Mastered for Johnnie Walker, ND Honorable Prize).

Graduated from Photoplay Photography School with a specialty in Photography in Fashion, the Higher Academic School of Graphic Design (Graphic Design Department) and the Krupskaya Pedagogical Institute (Art Objects Design Department).

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