JuLia Chernysheva
Art and objects
Видеоинсталяция #Newrealitygame
Принеси свой проектор в галерее "Проун" 2019
Совместно с Алексеем Гладковым. Видео: Денис Карпенков
The authors of Bogobot created a mini-model of communication between Man and God. Usually we ask him questions or ask for something and are waiting for answers. In the Bogobot mini model, the role of God is played by a computer bot that responds to people's questions or phrases randomly, with statements such as "The universe is vast and your question can be misinterpreted, clarified," or "What do you think when you say this?" . Dialogues obtained with this technology are very busy, and you might even think that you are talking with a living being with super intelligence. "Now they say a lot about the fact that bots will surpass us, that they are new gods, and artificial intelligence will replace us," says Julia Chernysheva, one of the authors of the object. "Our object is thinking about it."
Visited the Festival of Media Poetry 101, sat down to chat with Bogobot. Smartphones viewers are necessarily integrated into the "cultural event", instead of the traditional exception. At the next stage, the entrance of the viewer into the space of the festival should be accompanied by the input of the smartphone into the local temporary network, in this case, the viewer's entrance is the consent to the connection.
So, the Goddess. After several cycles of getting the same answers for different requests, you start to think that the bot is limited, underdeveloped, but at the same time there is a flicker of hope for your own limitations in communication, and, accordingly, the possibility of overcoming them. I turn to Bogobot in the logic of the human semantic field, but he must have his own, communication with Bogobot can not be equal to communication with man - logically, not ethically, or linguistically. "Time is measured by mistakes" - a good phrase, I wonder whose
Maria Mitrenina
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Участие в групповых выставках, проектах и лекциях:

  • Участник форсайта 2021 "Научный квартал, стрелка Васильевского острова" при поддержке фонда культурных инициатив "Спарта"
  • Объект “Портал в будущее”, Нижний Новгород, 2021. Объект создан при поддержке "Заповедных кварталов"
  • Участник групповой выставки Rooms 2.0 2020 with White Room Foundation, We see items, 2020
  • Участник Арт-резиденции Никола-Ленивец 2019,
  • Участник “Принеси свой проектор” в галерее "Проун" 2019,
  • Участник Архстояние 2018,
  • Участник групповой выставки «Тоска Зеленая» 2018,
  • Участник «Singular Symposium 2018»,
  • Презентация проекта в рамках лекции Натальи Федоровой в рамках проекта ПЕР ФОРМА 02,
  • Участник перформанса в «Док Театр» Я горю,
  • Участник выставки в Нати,
  • Участие в фестивале медиапоэзии 101.ru в Санкт-Петербурге
  • Участник лаборатории «Культура будущего».
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